As we approach the end of this year, I wanted to personally give you a brief update of what’s to come through the end of the year and on into 2019. Our organization continually strives to provide quality products that allow all our clients to obtain services without breaking budgets. We have been champions of attractive low-cost web design, select graphic, and consulting services since our start in 2011.

As we have grown so too have our operational costs. We have explored many options to cut these costs, to include filing for bankruptcy, as well as selling several assets and other investment partnerships. However, the only viable option is to raise renewal rates and service prices, still below average standards. Business history has taught us that while price increases are unpopular, they are necessary to remain in operation and progressive in innovation.

Starting November 1, 2018 all website renewal prices will increase to $330 and will renew for 14 months of hosting. On January 1, 2019 new projects for web design will be fixed at $1085. For select graphic design services we have partnered with well qualified designers to meet whatever creation need you have.

For those seeking our consulting services, we will be implementing a $25 an hour rate with a 4-hour minimum. Current consulting clients who are have a retainer with us will not affected by this price increase.

Effective immediately, we will no longer offer website integration support for PayPal or any of their products. We will move forward with our great standard of support with our longtime partner Stripe. We were one of the first to offer Stripe as a PayPal alternative and will now offer Stripe as the primary payment processor for our web builds. You may find out how to setup an account with them by visiting If you currently use PayPal on your site, please note any new issues will not be supported by Kings Group. We will encourage you that if you wish to continue using payment processing on your website please sign up for a Stripe account ASAP. Stripe will allow you to process payments seamlessly, after your initial use you there will be a 7-day automatic deposit to your bank account. Following that initial use, any deposits thereafter will automatically be sent to your bank on a rolling 2 business day cycle following the payment being processed. Stripe allows for the use of their service without intrusive red tape while maintaining the same security standards the industry demands with notable clients such as Amazon, and Shopify among others.

With all of these changes the biggest and most important change will be how we address customer service and relations. Like many Fortune companies email customer service is the most cost effective and best method, and we too will fully enforce this moving forward. There will be no more Facebook messages answered concerning business, you will be directed to email or visit to submit the contact form. While this seems to be less personable, as a micro-corporation, we must utilize this to maximize our effectiveness and work production.

In the realm of customer service and relations our hours of official operation will be Wednesday-Friday 12:30PM-4:00PM, this went into effect, October 9, 2018. We will observe all federal holidays; we will also shut down one month a year beginning in 2019 for vacation time.

For the 3rd time in our almost 7-year existence, we have upgraded our hosting servers to cut site load times and improve email delivery. In an ever-congested society we do what we can to offset these load time issues, every attempt is made to be ahead of the curve in this matter.

A major innovation coming in 2019 will be the release of an app platform, that will allow us to build mobile applications available across most app stores. The price for apps is still be configured and hope to release this information in February 2019 with first roll outs coming in May 2019. These apps can either be mirrors of your current sites or totally standalone products. We have designed come great test apps and we are on track with release time frame.

Thank you being the best part of the Kings Group experience.

/Antwon D. James/
A. D. James Corporation
Kings Group