Greetings to all!

I believe transparency is the hallmark of success. So, it is on that basis that annually I like to keep all our team and family of clients aware of the vision and direction of our business through an annual brief of report. Since November 1, 2011, we have endeavored to do what others won’t always do, to be honest regardless of the issue. Our organization continually strives to provide quality products & services that allow all our present and future clients to obtain services without breaking budgets. We have been champions of attractive low-cost web design, select graphic, and consulting services since our start in 2011.

As we push to end 2019 strong, like many other entrepreneurs and small businesses, we are still facing an uphill battle with securing and retaining capital. The economic tariff crisis that this presidential administration has involuntarily drug us into, effects even the smallest businesses among us. As manufacturers and larger suppliers raise their prices, we must adjust as well. This is certainly unfortunate, but it’s the cost of doing business. However, we don’t anticipate raising any prices of the services we offer through A. D. James Corporation in the immediate future.

A great segue. As you will notice, A. D. James Corporation [ADJC] is the public parent brand we operate under as of July 1, 2019. ADJC is not new, it has been the parent company since the inception in 2011. In a move started in 2017, we have tried to consolidate everything into one single brand with divisions offering the same services. This will cut down on tax and accounting related expenditures, however certain business segments will remain incorporated entities under their own brand name. Under the ADJC umbrella exists:

  • Media, Entertainment, Technologies [MET] {Division} — Web design, hosting, mobile app development, IT support, graphic design, artist management & representation
  • Monarch Companies {Partnership} — Funeral suppliers, specialists and Professional Vehicles
  • The Global Examiner {Partnership} — News media and global headline aggregator
  • Administrative & Management Consulting {Division} — Providing corporate consulting
  • Royal Esports {Partnership} — Gaming and Esports

Our web services remain the largest growing product we have, and we are excited about that. In early 2018 we upgraded our hosting servers to cut site load times and improve email delivery. In an ever-congested society we do what we can to offset these load time issues; every attempt is made to be ahead of the curve in this matter. We continue to find new ways to make things excellent and we won’t ever stop innovating.

I work with freelance designers to help me get projects done, with unreliability becoming a liability. I am resigned to be the sole full-time designer until I find freelancers with a proven reliability standard. At current we are playing some bit of catch up. However, we continue to work to get all things done as soon as possible.

Beginning on August 5, 2019, verified non-profit and NGOs we are implementing a new price of $885 a savings of $600. For profit entities will continue to enjoy the everyday discount of $400 for a total price of $1085. These deep discounts are made possible by the relationships we have forged since we launched. We continue to fall below the average costs of web design.

As stated in the 2018 brief, we ceased any integration with PayPal or any of their family products. As stated previously we were one of the first to offer Stripe as a PayPal alternative and will now offer Stripe as the primary payment processor for our web builds. You may find out how to setup an account with them by visiting

As mentioned as well in the 2018 brief, mobile apps are being developed. The first of these apps is a mobile game being developed through our MET in partnership with Royal Esports. A tentative launch is early to mid-September 2019.

Beginning the week of August 19, 2019 hours of operation will change. The new hours of operation will be Wednesday – Friday 12:00PM – 4:00 PM. There is no anticipation that this will affect any projects currently being developed or any forthcoming.

A new service we are offering is video promotions for $175 per video. Whether you need a promo for a new logo/brand, or a conference, party, concert etc. we can help you. Contact us about

As the company faces financial hardship and struggles, we remain committed to building platforms for other entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. We still provide support for Pursuing the Dream Foundation of which you can donate to via and recently concluded a partnership with Google. Google allowed us to use their G-Suite product, specifically Google Drive to host files for other graphics and video editing entrepreneurs and freelancers to use. We are in the midst of developing our own platform to continue this effort of help. As soon as it launches, we’ll let you know.

As a friendly reminder, all support or questions regarding service must be directed to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media platform is not reliable secure places to conduct business other than advertising and displaying work. My personal social media profiles are for personal conversations, there may be times when I do not respond to messages for days or at all. So please remember to use the only official contact method for support is for questions regarding your services with us. You may refer new client to or direct them to

On a few personal notes, first, I also want to thank those who are essentially volunteer staff with A. D. James Corporation. They are always on hand when I need them to consult with on a project, reply to emails, offer and test products. The loyalty of my tribe is unmatched, they work 99% of the time unpaid, never a complaint, but always a push to get the job done and succeed.

Secondly, I want to address a response I received a month ago regarding me being rude and/or snappy. Any person that has contact with me knows, I am fair and unmovable from a standard of excellence set forth through our operating procedures. This standard of excellence means, reading thoroughly documents sent to you, paying invoices on time and adhering to what ADJC expects from our clients. I am direct and concise in speaking, as I have been all of my life and will always be. I do not subscribe to the ill-conceived notion that the customer is always right. Finally, lets us be reminded how inappropriate it is to ask for discounts from entrepreneurs and small businesses. The same way we pay the Fortune 500 companies their list price, do the same for small businesses and entrepreneurs you encounter.